25/10/2015 -- Kirkuk-Iraq, Iraq -- An ISIS suspect with hand cuffs at the police base when he arrested during the raid in Chardakhlo village in south of Kirkuk.
14/11/2015 -- Sinjar-Iraq, Iraq -- An Ezidy peshmerga fighter sit next a fire in early morning in Sinjar town.
31/08/2016 -- Qayarah, Iraq -- A family walks past the corpse of an ISIS fighter on the outskirts of Qayyarah, a town recently recaptured by Iraqi Security Forces.
31/08/2016 -- Qayarah, Iraq -- A boy walks past burning oil wells on the outskirts of Qayyarah.
01/09/2016 -- Bashika, Iraq -- Sunni tribal fighters train for battle at a camp near Bashiqa
21/10/2016 -- Fallujah, Iraq -- Iraqi soldier surveys wreckage of ISIS torture house.
21/10/2016 -- Fallujah-Anbar, Iraq -- Two Fallujah elders sit out at sunset.
06/11/2016 -- Mosul, Iraq -- Inside a house in Samah neighbourhood in Mosul when Iraqi special forces searching for suspected ISIS in the houses in the liberated area.
27/01/2017 -- Mosul, Iraq -- Inside the "Ibn Al-Atheer teaching hospital".
22/01/2017 -- Mosul, Iraq -- A man inside his house after burned during the battle in the east bank of Mosul.
20/11/2016 -- Mosul, Iraq --
09/11/2016 -- Mosul, Iraq -- Iraqi special force Helps Wounded civilian people in North east Mosul.
08/11/2016 -- Mosul, Iraq -- A suspect ISIS arrested by the Iraqi special force ISOF in Samah neighbourhood in Mosul.
08/11/2016 -- Mosul, Iraq -- A father with his son who lived under ISIS for more than two years shows the damage of the car after the Iraqi Golden division forces liberated the area from ISIS.
08/11/2016 -- Mosul, Iraq -- A family from Mosul take rest on the way to flee Mosul.
06/11/2016 -- Mosul, Iraq -- The mobile medical team helping the injured soldiers.